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Journal Entry: Sun Jan 4, 2015, 2:20 AM

Hello little minions,

Guess i have to write a new journal entry. I'm pretty awful at remembering to refresh them.

I hope everyone had a great New Year celebration with their favorite video games/friends/family members and nobody had a particularly bad hangover :D

In the end of last year I had the good fortune to go and visit the Czech Republic, together with :iconshirelg: . It was beautiful, inspiring, and bitchingly cold.
We met :iconlucieon:, and she's real, but we don't have proof. Much like the case with Bigfoot, you know. But she gave me a fairy dragon plushie, so that puts her about as high on the scale of amazing imaginary friends as possible.
Visiting the Alfons Mucha Museum was truly one of my life's highlights. 

I'd appreciate if someone with experience on the topic could advice me - what is better for creating merchandise of my art - Society6 or Redbubble? Or maybe they're completely different entities and i need to use both?  Impart your wisdom :P

Since I happen to think new years resolutions are an overly americanized idea that doesn't usually seem to stick, i'll just tentatively try to get better and make more art.
[Are you afraid? No? You should be!]

So, tell me how you've been? Anything interesting or thought provoking? 

Happy 2015!

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Extra Productive Trolly

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 20, 2014, 1:06 PM

I seem to be having an extra productive time. Expect a lot of spam. Spam spam spaaam.
On another hand, the situation isn't likely to last.

Meanwhile, i'm trying to expand my internet presence a bit.
I reanimated my cryogenically frozen Furaffinity account -…
And made a Tumblr -

As for the tumblr, i'm still chronically baffled as to what is it's point, but seems like people like using it. Oh well. I'll give you a choice where to be spammed by me :P

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Ye Olde Update

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 15, 2014, 12:02 PM

Well, the convention I've mentioned in my previous journal went great. So great, in fact, that new designs i've prepared for it sold out completely and until I prepare more, I can't even share them with you because i was working frantically until the very last moment to have more stock, and didn't really have time to photograph. Funny how that goes.
But it really is kool stuff. You'd have to trust me until i'll have some photos for ya :P

On the other hand, now i have time to concentrate on the commission. Anyone else want in?

 A lovely group i'm following is planning on going super soon and we'd like more members. It's a really fun group to follow if you're into owls, like i am :)

Also,  I got it into my head recently that i should learn how to sew. I wonder if the notion will last until i can afford a sewing machine. Not very likely.

:star: Digital Commission Info :star:
:star: FB Page… :star:
:star: Etsy Store… :star:

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  • Reading: Some trashy russian fantasy series
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Feed the troll!

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 11:08 AM

Well,  my previous journal has been up for too long so i'll replace it.
Haven't got something terribly interesting to write... preparing for a big convention...wishing this hellhole of a country had more of them..  wondering when will it rain again.
If the stuff i'm making works according to plan...well, i'm going to have some very cool things to show you! 
Tell me your random stuff! I need some entertainment :D

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My original art for sale

Journal Entry: Fri May 9, 2014, 1:16 PM

There's changes happening to me these days. Some are great, some not so much. I need to move, and to clean out a lot of things. 
Therefore, i'm offering some of my original paintings for sale.
They're not framed. Price includes shipping.
Payment will be made with Paypal.

Raven by TrollGirl  
Sized 6.2"X8.6", watercolor and ink painting inspired by Poe
Price: 30$

Blue Eyed by TrollGirl
Sized 4.9"X9.5", watercolor painting of a Ragdoll cat and a butterfly
Price: 30$

Rainbow Joy by TrollGirl
Sized 9.5"X12.6"", watercolor painting of a rainbow-haired angel
Price: 50$

The Guardian by TrollGirl  
Sized 9.7"X11.7", watercolor painting of a sleeping child and her lion guardian

Center of the Universe by TrollGirl
Sized 9.5"X12.7", watercolor and ink painting of a cosmic spirit

Wingin' It by TrollGirl
Sized 12"X10", oils on canvas surreal painting on the theme of creative process
Price: 80$

Queen Beruthiel by TrollGirl
Sozed 11.7"X16.5", watercolor painting of a mysterious cat-loving queen
Price: 120$

For inquiries, comment on the journal or send me a note.
If there's an interest, i might be putting more stuff for sale.
And now, back to the drawing board...

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Features and Troll Awards

Journal Entry: Thu May 1, 2014, 6:47 AM

Since my previous journal has been up for too long, it's time to refresh it, by featuring some of the lovely people i got to do art trades with recently.

Olive Garden Pendant Series by MandarinMoonPolymer Clay Pendants Bold Colors by MandarinMoonPolymer Clay Pendants Bright Colors by MandarinMoonPolymer Clay Pendants Natural Group by MandarinMoonPolymer Clay Pendants by MandarinMoon

What enchanted trees are these? by STelariMissy of the Catpond by STelariStop the bells, stop the bells by STelariMissed details by STelariMy Sun Moths by STelari

Snow Bird by TooMuchColor Colorful Owl by TooMuchColorHyacinth Macaw by TooMuchColorChameleon on a Sunny Day by TooMuchColorLoyal Dog by TooMuchColor

wing halo angel thingy by drachenmagierblue swirls by drachenmagierSoundwaves by drachenmagierShrooms by drachenmagierWinterwalker by drachenmagier

There's still trades in process going on, i guess they'll be featured later :)


And now for DA-rants.  Cause what is a journal without them? :D

First prize of the Troll Awards goes to an artist, a darn good one, who decided to run a contest about half a year ago. I love entering contests because they give me a sense of deadline and ideas to work on. Prizes are a nice bonus, but not the main thing. 
Only in this contest, i did want the main prize - a drawing by said artist, who, as i said, is very good and talented.
Well, i won the contest and was happy. She asked me what would i like her to draw, i replied, and settled to wait.
After half a year has passed, i asked via note if there's anything going on. My note was opened and ignored without as much as a "real life took my time, i can't give you a drawing, i'm sorry". Just ignored.  Guess i'll make my own drawing. And Golden Troll Ear for them.

Second prize goes to some soft-headed, and highly american manchild who at first bothered me for not subscribing for his amazingly sheltered point of view where every child gets a medal, there are no wrong opinions, and telling people off for being rude and dumb is unthinkable. I told him where to stuff all that, and  he disappeared for a bit, only to resurface and try to convince me to attack some person who i've never encountered before, but has rubbed said manchild wrong. 
Being soft-headed, he did not realize the irony of trying to wind me up against a complete stranger who's "wrong" in his opinion, while i know his opinion to be very, very ripe manure. Silver Troll Ear goes to him.


On a happier, and much more harmonious note, i'm so glad about Lacuna Coil and Sonata Arctica releasing new albums. Lacuna are brilliant  and no album of theirs ever disappointed me, i love them, they're the musical representation of my head :D
Sonata, however, have released 2 horrible, weird albums which were apparently them trying something, but to me it sounded like violence against cattle. The new album is great. It's 2004 again! ^_^

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 15, 2013, 1:35 PM

I've recently realized that there's 3 groups on DA that have my designs for their avatars. I think it's pretty cool! :) 

As i wrote in my previous journal, i decided to trade with some artists  whose work i find noteworthy. Some agreed, some didn't have the time, the most important thing is that no one e-yelled at me, so i'm content.  But as Murphy would have it, within a week of sending my trade offers, i ended up signing with a full time workplace and now completing all the trades will be extra challenging. I should've remembered how Murphy works and started the trade season much earlier :D

There was something i couldnt figure out about DA points. Maybe someone could answer the question... what's the condition of converting them to money - you need to earn them through the commission widget?

I hope you all have a very merry christmas with gifts and snowflakes, and without national emergencies. I don't know how Israel, where it hardly rains, managed to land into half a meter of snow...but it did.  Lucky me for living in a coastal city where the worst thing was hail and slush :D

Listen and enjoy!

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Printing, freakspotting, and trades

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 1, 2013, 1:21 PM

I have good news! I've found a nice place to make prints at, and is actually not far from where i live, for a change.
And why am i writing it here? Because now you're welcome to request any painting of mine you like to be made into a big shiny print which i will put on Etsy, and you can get to grace your wall!
Unless the original painting is too small, but i don't have much of those. So c'mon, tell me how can i prettify your dens.
DA provides me with decent anthropologic entertainment recently. It included two fine specimens. One seemed to have written himself a bot script which enables his account to stalk multiple DA members multiple times a day. When i asked him why does he do that, he informed me that i ought to be thankful for the pageviews, and that he does it so i'll talk to him. Some little puppy definitely hasn't been socialized properly...what with trying to stalk everyone at the same time and putting up a terrifying picture of himself in undies...mmyeah.
Another specimen asked if he could "remix" a painting of mine. Since his "remixes" imply making a seizure-inducing fractal out of anything he lays hands on, i refused and pointed out that a lot of free stock can be used for experiments. As manchildren can't take any refusals, i've been washed by some incoherent gibberish which might've been about the manchild's grasp of "art", or about hot wings, hard to tell.
Truly people need to either breed less, or raise their spawn more attentively. Cause, what the flying fuck...
 Since i have time to paint recently, i've been wondering if it would be a good idea to ask some admirable artists around here for trades. Alas, it is rather obvious that most people whose work i'd love to have probably wouldn't love to have mine, so i'm fairly reluctant. Oh well.

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Journal Entry: Tue Oct 22, 2013, 4:16 AM

Well, time for the previous journal to go away.
These days i'm just going to interviews, experimenting with creative ways to spill ink over myself, and crafting stuff.
Some of the things i'd like to get done in the near future is a few of my favorite fanarts, attempt an abstract painting that doesnt look like toddler poop, game-y environment speedpaints, and advance in sketching practice of animals and nudes.
Cheers to :iconbnspyrd::iconsooper-deviant::iconmomotte2stocks: for being lovely practice targets (:
Also been updating my Etsy with new stuff. Oh so much owls. Go and see!…

Do you have any interesting news?

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Hail Imclod, art thief, and a convention

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 21, 2013, 8:31 AM

:iconimclod: found out how can i prevent DA from breaking all my uploads. Therefore, he's featured:

me, myself and I by imclod  Lene - the digital experiment by imclod  Tonttulakki by imclod  Burning butterflies by imclod  Kvaken by imclod

Look at the realism. Look at it!


Recently a rather stupid art thief has been brought to my attention by one of the groups i take part in. The thief primarily operated on Facebook where copyright protection is non-existent - so cropping out signatures and not crediting artists was very easy for him. Now the thief moved to deviantart, and is keeping very busy stealing, defacing, and denying accusations rudely and loudly, but without awareness of things like grammar or punctuation.
You can observe the prancing dimwit here: fantasy-fellowship.deviantart.… but be warned that it's not a pleasant read, and the atrocities committed against English will make you cringe.
The thief is :iconstormrider2210:/:iconjaynehunter: - he holds at least 2 accounts but there might be more. As you can see his artistic skills are limited to stealing paintings and photos and adding a painfully ugly bunch of frames and effects.
You can see this…
defaced by the thief:…
Check whether he's stolen anything of yours, and report him. Don't bother talking to him though, the assholery is absolute.


Tomorrow starts the biggest convention of the year, i'm excited! I hope to sell well and make new friends. It's going to be 3 days of pretty hard work, even while being enjoyable, and the weather can't decide between heat or rainfall, so.. it's going to be interesting!

There went nothing, a thank you, and a hypocricy

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 18, 2013, 11:17 AM

Well, as the prophecy prophecized, DA decided my inability to upload doesn't exist, and there's nothing they can tell me that can rectify it. I guess for now i'll just have to pull a clumsy and retarded trick of downloading my own artwork from my own facebook page so i can put them here. I guess facebook's black magic does something to the files so DA accepts them, unlike files from my computer. Burn the witch. It doesn't weigh the same as a duck.


I'd like to thank :icontheseventhstorm: for suggesting, and :iconastralseed: for accepting my painting for a DD. It was a fun one to get.


Normally notable pop culture events reach my rapunzel tower with a 2 month to 5 year delay, due to a fortunate lack of television and radio around me, but occasionally the internet gets very loud about them, so i go and see what's up. This time the loudness is over a singer deciding to get naked in a video. I went to see the video and hear the song. The song is lovely if you like pop music [i do] and the video is pretty damn beautiful. I'd kill several people to look like that. Ah, faulty genes..'s alright for Boticelli's Venus to be naked, it's alright for Michaelangelo's David to be naked, but it's not alright for Miley's Miley to be naked?
And that's because brainwashed quasipuritans wish to keep that woman a child forever, and her adulthood doesn't suit them after they made her an idol for their own innocent babies, and now are afraid their babies will realize growing up is an option? A culture that vilifies a woman for not remaining a child forever is sickening. For shame, christianity, for shame. And all the mooing about what kind of an example she sets to your children, well why the hell you raise your children in a way that gives them the idea a pop star should be their example to start with.

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Annoyed Troll is annoyed.

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 14, 2013, 5:25 PM

Edit: I managed to upload something. Now, will i be able to recreate that? So far, no luck.

Deviantart seems to be intent on playing a dirty trick on me.
A while ago i suddenly started getting errors while trying to upload artworks, and couldn't upload anything. From any browser, on both computers we have at home.  My files are ordinary jpgs, usually no larger than 5 mb, saved in photoshop cs3.
I submitted an error ticket and after some mailing back and forth i was informed that the problem has been "resolved", since the moderator haven't had a problem in uploading the files.
Nothing has been resolved in the slightest, but i found a way around the problem by saving the jpgs from a different art software.
Well, today that stopped working either.
I submitted another ticket, but after the dazzling success of the previous one, i doubt the results.
Although i'm not a great fan of drama llaming and "OMG i'm leaving DA *gasp* *faint*", i just doubt the point of staying at a site where the main function is blocked off for me. It would be a huge bummer to stop using the site since it's generally fun and i have a lot of friends here, but this problem, and the way it's been treated before, is infuriating.

Tag and stuff

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 8, 2013, 4:33 PM

:iconlosenko: tagged me, and i can't really refuse it cause her art kinda hypnotizes me.

1.    Do you have any stage fright (fear of public speaking), if so, how do you fight it?

I don't have a particular problem with public speaking. I can speak or act if necessary, but it don't find it interesting.
2.    If you are now offered as in the movie "The Matrix" instantly master any type of activity (kung fu, beading, etc.), what would you choose?
I'd become a brilliant programmer, what else.
3.    Do you suffer from a lack of erudition?
Sure i do. My own, and especially other people's lack of it.
4.    Which product in your diet you can not give up?
THE FLESH OF THE LIVINGGGGG. Yeah. I like meat, and the more years pass, the more angry i am at the psychovegans that populate my surroundings. I'd eat them. Brains first.
5.    If you've turned into a tree, which is a tree you would be?
I'm not much of a tree, i'm a poison ivy...
6.    That you would choose to see: sports, drama, cartoons, feature film, favorite TV series, news.
I like action fantasy with uber CGI, but cartoons are good too.
7.    Did you ever make a wish, looking for a shooting star?
I hold no superstitions, apart from Murphy's law.
8.    What is a geometric figure you would associate your character?
9.    Now if you will be asked draw any transport, what you want it to be?
Broomstick! No, dragon!
10.  You ever wrote poetry?
Yes. Well, weren't we all graphomanical dumbass teens once upon a time? Only most of us realized it's time to stop that particular bullshit.

Since i already trolled people with a similar tag within the last year, i'll be a decent person and refrain from doing it again.


In other news, my former workplace went kaplooey, so i try to work at as many art and fantasy cons as i can, which in my country is not many at all. But they're still a fun and vaguely profitable ego-pat. If only there were some more.

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Gratitude, ponitude, and laziness.

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 11, 2013, 11:49 AM

Firstly, i'm very happy to say that the great and powerful :icontazpoltorak: has lent his time and patience for my sake, and helped me get super-cool watercolor paper from far and barbarian lands.  I now have all the paper i can eat! Thank you Taz!
Here's some of his works.
UV Lizard by TazPoltorakRestless Machine by TazPoltorakCatamagic by TazPoltorakComfort by TazPoltorakNecking Behavoir by TazPoltorakViolinist by TazPoltorak


I've entered a painting of mine in a contest here. ponies-for-everypony.deviantar… I think it's pretty nifty. If you think so too, consider giving me your vote? The painting is this one. 
Luna's First Flight by TrollGirl


I seem to be lazy sometimes, lately. Allegedly my condition is good for making art consistently and advancing - my weekends are mostly free, and some free weekday evenings as well. But it seems that i let tiredness from work, and depression from family situations get in the way. I need more motivation to sit myself down, paint consistently, try to improve in medias i'm less experienced in. But, lazy. How do you handle similar states?

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News 'n Stuff.

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 28, 2013, 5:42 PM

I might be going to Ireland in the fall! Can you recommend a noobie nice places to see? Tourist attractions that are unrelated to alcohol would be most welcome. :)

I decided to update my commission info, since the old sheet had stuff i don't even make anymore, and disappointing people isn't fun. So here is the new one, now with 20% more cool!
Trollmissions 2013 by TrollGirl

Some other random stuff is:
*My new job is good to me. For a change.
*Edenbridge's new album is quite good too.
*I really should be asleep now.

What are your news?

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I have a dragon.

Journal Entry: Thu May 2, 2013, 12:25 PM

:iconagaave: made me a dragon.
Trade: Warden of the Silent Valley by Agaave

She makes a lot of awesome stuff.
Bird of Paradise by AgaaveRoslina by AgaaveLumous by AgaaveFiremaw by AgaaveKyraneth by Agaave


Does anyone wants to participate with me in this contest?… I have neat ideas for a journal skin design, but need someone who can code it into a usable CSS. I know the deadline is fairly soon, but if you're up to it, let me know.


Still adding awesome stuff to my etsy shop. Come take a look!

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Round Numbers and Devious Schemes

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 16, 2013, 9:09 AM

I recently noticed that i'm approaching both 1000 deviations in my gallery, and 100,000 pageviews. This means two things. One is that i'm a terrifying spammer, and another is that you still love me and come to stare at what i spam. Thank you for that, and here's for 100,000 more. :dance:

In other news, i've recently discovered the best watercolor paper in the world. It is utterly perfect and has all the qualities i've been looking for - except one minor flaw. It is a Russian brand, and i haven't found it to be sold by any retailer that ships internationally.
So here's a crazy idea. If there's anyone here who likes me, my art, or both, and is from Russia - would you be willing to help me obtain the paper? I can pay back with Paypal, or paint you something large and nice.

Hoping to hear from you!


:bulletblue:My Etsy -… - now with new stuffs:bulletblue:
:bulletblue:FB page -… :bulletblue:
:bulletblue:Commission info -… :bulletblue:

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Random Update and Shiny Stuff

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 5, 2013, 3:30 PM

This journal was in a dire need of an update, so here I am. While i wasn't updating it, i managed to find a dumbass job, to quit a dumbass job, to experiment with various art mediums, and to have amusing encounters with internet trolls, art thieves, and sundry.
I finally started working with sculpey premo. It is perfect and i want to marry it. Which is reasonably odd, seeing as i'm against marriage, on the whole.
But i do love my boyfriend for giving me it. Nom nom nom sculpey nom. :heart:

I'm also updating my Etsy shop as we speak! I decided to sell most of the jewelry i have made. Also in store are fantastically pretty treasure boxes, and Harry Potteresque wands, for those of you who have received an owl when you were 11, or haven't but REALLY wanted to.

And new surprises await!

So how have you been?


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A Tag and some other stuff

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 31, 2012, 1:20 PM

I want to wish everyone who celebrates a happy Halloween, and express a hope that neither of you and your loved ones was hurt by the storm.
It's finally getting a bit colder here, which is nice. I'm working now on a freelance project in anatomical illustration. That's probably as close as i'm ever getting to medicine, thus shaming 3 generations of doctor ancestors :D
I'm watching [ok, mostly listening to] X Files while painting lately. I wasnt allowed to see it as a kid, so obviously it was always a goal to watch, someday. Oh Mulder, make me a secret case...


I was tagged by :iconellygator:
Since i own one of her mindboggling bracelet, it hypnotizes me to answer the questions!

The rules for this tag are as follows:
1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions that the tagger set up for you, and create 10 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons in your journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs to the people that have tagged you.
6. No junk in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people.

1) What meaning does your art have in your life?
It is something i enjoy making, an occupational therapy and a refuge from my many headmonsters.  I'm trying to create a better alternate reality to what is really going on around me.

2) What is your favorite medium and style of art and why?
My favorite medium to work with is watercolors. I wasted so many years on them i gotta be worth something. They're very nice for fantasy and various dream-art. However, i admire a lot the folks who work with acrylic and oils, since those work best with surrealism, which in my opinion is the king of all styles.

3) If for a day you had the power to change the world, what would you do?
I'd rid humans of their crippling need of religion and grant them the desire to think about their surroundings and deeds instead.

4) Live forever in a world without any other humans or live your normal, finite life in a world with humans, which one would you choose and why?
Humans, i suppose. They might be mostly dumb, but some are great, and what sort of mercenary artist would i make without an audience? :D

5) Do you think there is such a thing as bad art and good art and if it is, what does distinguish the one from the other?
I definitely think there is such a thing as good art and bad art. When we're learning, our art isn't very good usually. Also, in my personal opinion, most of the self-proclaimed modern art is a pile of shite, something went very wrong back in the end of 19th century. Chaps were probably overwhelmed by the invention of the camera which painted better  than them.
Oh. And...anime. Bad. Bad. Horrible. Crippling young minds.
Basically, what distinguishes good art from bad is the effort invested, and the honest attempt at technical prowess and original thought.

6) If you could keep any animal for a pet, what would it be?
As much as it sound cool to pick a tiger or a wolf, i think they arent made to be very good pets, and nothing, nothing in the world beats a huge furry dog. So my ideal pet is either a German or Belgian shepherd, St. Bernard, or Newfounland dog.

7) What truly terrifies you?
Ok, that was kidding. What truly terrifies me is the realization that if some things won't change radically and soon, the world will slide into a second round of the Dark Ages, of religious fanaticism, disease, lack of education. It's not politically correct, but who cares.  The idea that in the age of artificial hearts and Mars probes humans make their decision based on a bronze age shepherd's deliriums is terrifying.

8) What are three things you absolutely still want to do in your life (and haven't done yet)?
I'd love to live in Europe. Probably in the UK. Not sure how plausible that dream is. Glassworking is something i'd like to consider.

9) Desert island - only one book to take - you know the drill: what would it be?
My go-to answer [favorite book] is Bulgakov's The Master And Margarita, but since i can practically recite it, it would be counterproductive to take. In that case, Terry Pratchett's Nation. A good book for a deserted island ;)

10) What is the most important characteristic you value in your friends and why?
How can i pick between kindness and a sharp mind? :P

Well, My turn to ask, i guess.
1)Name an artist that has influenced your work and whom you admire
2)If you had an opportunity to master a completely new genre of art, what would you pick?
3)What's your totem animal?
4)Are you happy with the education you've received so far?
5)What is your favorite candy/sweet/dessert?
6)From your burning house, what would you salvage if your family and pets are already safe?
7)Would you make a good ruler of the world?
8)Given a choice between butterfly wings and feathery wings, what would you take?
9)In which fantasy or sci fi world would you like to visit?
10)Who's scarier - Frankenstein's monster or Romney?

The tagged are: :iconolvium::iconsan-t::iconcurlyhair::iconpaperanddust::icongenny-raskin::iconlenaraskin::iconzombifiedarbok::iconshirelg::iconinku-inku::iconkeren-or:


On a somewhat personal note, your self-loathing is quite justified. While you have mastered the victim act, i've been observing it for too long to believe it. It's about time you ceased your little "guest appearances" for good. Go away and don't come back.


Commission info:…
FB page:…

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It is happening!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 14, 2012, 3:50 PM

Yep i've got an Etsy shop now.…
It's still not very large and i'm still learning how to use it. And i still prefer doing my business through DA, but i figured, why not.
So let me know if there's something you'd like me to add there. Though, it might get claimed pretty fast.

My facebook page is pretty alive these days too -…

Life's pretty relaxed now, i'm getting some sleep and making lots of jewelry.  And how are you?

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